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The LYCRA Company Legacy

As a global leader in stretch performance materials, The LYCRA Company draws from a strong legacy of invention, ingenuity and innovation, applying unique technical expertise to fibers and polymers. We are known as a global leader in integrated fibers and the owner and marketer of the LYCRA® brand that enjoys 87%+ consumer awareness among key target audiences in markets around the world.

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Transforming the Hygiene Industry

The LYCRA Company has been continuously dedicated to delivering unique products, technologies and services specifically designed for the hygiene industry. Since 1985, diapers and other personal hygiene products have experienced the benefits of LYCRA® fiber and today, we are the world’s top provider of stretch solutions for disposable diapers, adult incontinence and hygiene products.

Continuing the tradition of providing consumers with a snug, comfortable fit, LYCRA HyFit® fiber is a distinct product specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in the hygiene industry. Our continuous running technology minimizes manufacturing costs and downtime.

The current product line features T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber, which is the ideal product to optimize your performance. With T837, we have been able to reduce package tackiness without negatively impacting creep performance. T837 has been adopted globally with its improved consistency of delivery to keep operations running efficiently and effectively.

Your Partner in Invention, Ingenuity and Innovation

By choosing LYCRA HyFit® fiber, you are assured unparalleled products and reliable, unmatched support, as well as a global partner that is dedicated to continuous invention, ingenuity and innovation. The LYCRA Company has specialized programs in place to improve efficiency and sustainability and we continue to invest in research and development to address key customer needs. Additionally, The LYCRA Company works continuously with industry partners and technology leaders to develop novel solutions.

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