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By choosing LYCRA HyFit® fiber, you are assured unparalleled products and reliable, unmatched support, as well as a global partner that is dedicated to continuous invention, ingenuity and innovation. INVISTA has specialized programs in place to improve efficiency and sustainability and we continue to invest in research and development to address key customer needs. Additionally, INVISTA works continuously with industry partners and technology leaders to develop novel solutions. We invite you to find out more about our innovative products and exciting plans for the future.

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LYCRA HyFit® fiber Unique Product Offerings

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber

  • Global product offering for the hygiene industry
  • Made with a unique formulation* proven to deliver excellent performance
  • Reduced package tackiness without a negative impact on creep performance
  • Local production in every region, ensuring the product is readily available


  • Suitable for apparel and healthcare applications
  • Available on tubes or beams
  • Rubber replacement where seam slippage is an issue
  • Lower decitex – starting with 235 dtx

Machine Direction Stretch Nonwovens (MDXA)

  • LYCRA® nonwoven laminate with outstanding machine direction stretch and recovery performance
  • Breathable, soft, fabric-like drape and hand
  • Tailored to suit individual applications
  • Suitable for various applications, including hygiene, medical, apparel and cosmetics
  • Commercial production capability
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*A patent application for the T837 formulation has been granted.

Research and Development

INVISTA continues to invest in research and development for the hygiene industry with the goals of:

  • Improving our current offering.
  • Commercializing new polymer and fiber formulations.
  • Developing new stretch materials.
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Specialized Programs and Partnerships

INVISTA has a variety of programs designed to improve operations, processes and quality, as well as explore new polymers and technologies. Additionally, we work with industry partners and technology leaders to develop novel solutions. A recent example has been an exciting partnership with Aurizon Ultrasonics to construct stretch laminates without hot melt adhesive.

We are as committed to sustainability as innovation. Find out more about our sustainability vision.