Because the Future is Tomorrow


INVISTA Stretch Performance Materials is committed to reducing the environmental impact of products through the value chain. Company-wide goals include: minimizing waste, reducing emissions of air and water pollutants, improving energy efficiency, reducing water usage, and maintaining safe and healthy products, processes and workplaces. Our commitment to sustainability means planning for future generations with each decision of the present.

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Our Sustainability Vision

INVISTA's vision is to create long-term value for society through the beneficial application of science, sound environmental practices, efficient use of resources and by safeguarding the health and welfare of employees and users of our products.

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Environmental, Health and Safety

INVISTA strives for 10,000% compliance, with 100% of employees complying 100% of the time. The purpose is to ensure excellence in environmental, health and safety, and all other areas of compliance. As part of this standard, INVISTA entered a “strategic partnership” with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to share knowledge and further strengthen the health and safety of management systems at seven INVISTA company sites in the United States. The partnership reduced incident rates, prompted significant improvements and was considered a success by OSHA and INVISTA.

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