We are committed to doing what’s right for our employees, our environment, our communities and our world. We have three main areas of focus — manufacturing excellence, product sustainability and corporate responsibility — to help us improve our environmental stewardship. Our company-wide goals include minimizing waste, improving energy efficiency, reducing water usage, and maintaining safe and healthy products, processes and workplaces.

We’ve recycled millions of pounds of fiber by either recovering the raw materials in-house or selling the fiber into non-hygiene applications.

We’ve established wildlife habitats in a few of our communities, helping maintain them, so that local birds and other wildlife can make it their home.

We sponsor river cleanup days, an opportunity for employees and community volunteers to roll up their sleeves and collect trash to protect one of our most precious resources.

We also think about what we can do to help our customers reach their own sustainability goals. Our newest addition to our product offering, T859, is designed to reduce overall consumption of elastics, transportation, emissions and waste disposal.

Our approach to sustainability has enabled us to make significant strides in our processes and our products.
We’re planning for future generations with each decision we make today.

Product Stewardship

We are committed to creating quality products that are safe and reliable. That’s why we make it a priority to comply with all current and applicable laws and regulations. If you would like to receive copies of our certifications, including ISO and OEKO-TEX®, please contact your local representative.